SR: Congressional Democrats mull continuing investigations of President Trump ((specialreportbaier)) ((lubuntu at wor3))

In the aftermath of President Trump’s impeachment trial acquittal, some House Democrats are still talking about issuing subpoenas for officials like former National Security Adviser John Bolton; chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel reports

BH: American evacuee Jarred Evans describes life in Wuhan during coronavirus outbreak ((billhemmer________)) ((lubuntu at wor3))

Professional football player Jarred Evans has been quarantined at a U.S. military base for eight days since arriving in California

OO: Sen. Martha McSally on whether Senate will investigate Hunter Biden following Trump’s impeachment acquittal ((outnumberedover___)) ((lubuntu at wor3))

There are legitimate questions surrounding Hunter Biden’s Ukraine ties that should be followed through on, says Arizona Senate Martha McSally, Republican member of the Senate Armed Services Committee

AN: John Yoo warns Democrats that renewing impeachment charges against President Trump would be a mistake ((americasnewsroom__)) ((lubuntu at wor3))

Rep. Jerry Nalder says Democrats could continue to investigate President Trump despite acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial; reaction from John Yoo, former deputy assistant attorney general

FF: Newt Gingrich says the Iowa caucuses process is rigged against Bernie Sanders ((foxandfriends_____)) ((lubuntu at wor3))

The Democratic establishment is desperate to stop frontrunner Bernie Sanders, says Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House

FN: [[WON' T LET IT GO]] Trump ' celebrates' acquittal after impeachment trial, but media go on the attack ((lubuntu at wor3))

=”“>Trump ‘celebrates’ acquittal after impeachment trial, but media go on the attack

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