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FN: [[BOMBSHELL DOCUMENTS]] FBI mulled interviewing Flynn ' to get him to lie,' ' get him fired,' notes show ((lubuntu at wor3))

=”“>FBI mulled interviewing Flynn ‘to get him to lie,’ ‘get him fired,’ notes show


TC: New Zealand, Australia see success in COVID-19 fight using strict immigration guidelines during pandemic ((tuckercarlson_____)) ((lubuntu at wor3))

Reaction and analysis from Miranda Devine, columnist for The New York Post and Australia’s Daily Telegraph

SR: Dr. Marty Makary on remdesivir’s ability to block COVID-19 ((specialreportbaier)) ((lubuntu at wor3))

The experimental coronavirus treatment remdesivir has shortened the recovery time for COVID-19 patients, according to data from a new study cited by the U.S. government; insight from Fox News contributor Dr. Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins health policy expert